Saturday, May 12

rhet bear dp

SLOWROLL productions has been finishing a music video for Jeremy Boz. This georgeous shot was captured by LA based DP, RHET BEAR.

Friday, April 27

Friday, April 6

overall reference of lighting in woods

the chair

rhet :: the blue-green chair

Wednesday, April 4

new shoot date - Thursday April 12

better late than never - the shoot was moved to this next week due to the forcast. a little bit of rain turned into hail and thunderstorms. trent even threatened mother nature for a tornado, and got one.

Saturday, March 31

have ipod - will travel

cedars of lebanon - performance location

today we finalized a "wooded" location. we also got some sweet props from Ruby's watertown wearhouse. rhet bear will be the DP. he's coming in tomorrow from LA. were shooting 35 & projecting HD. yum.

Wednesday, March 28

love all these looks


stills from projection montage

sunday b roll shoot

we started on monday the 26th to edit our really kool vericam HD footage from our sunday shoot. everyone met at 213 scott and were out moving around locations in 85 degree weather. our finale was kiki's backyard with our beautiful pearl bulbs. tim campbell took some photos. hey tim, can you post us some. anyway, exciting pics of our projected projection coming soon.

Friday, March 23

Tuesday, March 20

pearl girl

Sunday, March 18

swanee location scout

We have decided not to shoot in this area, but it be a guide for location scout this week to find similar closer to us here in Nashville.

Friday, March 16

sunday scouting

Jeremy, Trent, Kiki, & I are going to scout mature forest on Sunday at 11am. Its an hour and a half away in virgin forrest. Can't waite to see it. Here are some of the photos from the GEC last night and Kenny's stage in the Rehersal Hall. Great stuff Mark Butts!

kool lights

Thursday, March 15

GEC light show for kenny chesney

Kiki and I are headed over to the GEC to meet with Mark Butts. He's working on KenChes light show for this weekend. Mark is a computer sync light design master, and have worked with him a lot with the catalyst system. This allows you to project animations and sycronized/controlable projections.
We will update.

Wednesday, March 14

This is really awesome! I am so excited, I can harldly stand it.

The Cedars of Lebanon Rock. I have hiked every trail there at least 10x. Great call for set Trent!

The bulbs are kick-ass, Dy-No-Mite!!!


Tuesday, March 13

yet another

more pearls

lightbulbs - clear or white?

Here are the 6" bulbs in a clear and white. Can be painted. Bradfield has strands that hold 24 or 50. Kiki has the costs. 2-3 days ordering time from lightbulb depot. Under $2 bulk in sets of 24.

Notes from Kiki ::
48' has 24 sockets & the sockets are every 2 feet
102 feet has 50 sockets
the prices are
and $135.00
but we want the short ones because of the high wattage of the bulb

And I thought you all might like this variation:

cedars of lebanon

Trent has been scouting the Cedars of Lebanon for a mature wooded set of oak or pine that have dense growth with forest floor. This is the location for the performance, to be shot on the full moon on April 2nd.

Tuesday, March 6

more to come

the next photos that will be posted will be the shooting location for the factory, and also for the forest